About Us

Mufasa Sportfishing is not just another sport fishing operation here on the Gold Coast.

Whether you into chasing big angry Blue Marlin, achieving your dream of catching a Marlin on fly, hunting down the XOS Yellowfin, Light enthusiast or you just interested in catching a bag of reef fish for the table, Mufasa will provide you the experience and the knowledge to get the job done and make sure you return to land with smiles and memories that will have you coming back for more.

If you interested in learning just ask the crew or the captain on what it is you interested in and they will give you as much detail as you need to feel satisfied with the knowledge gained from the experience

That might be anything from understanding your fish finder, tides, reading water whilst gamefishing, what birds to look for etc. Why we select a particular spread of lures, and how to read fish on the teasers when switching, its what we do, we love it and want to share these experiences with you on the water.

We do this for the love of it and thats why we all on the water, we are into helping our clients and helping them understand the hows and whys of what we do on any given day.

One thing is for sure if there is a fish to be caught you can rest assured we will find it and we will catch it!!!! We put huge amount of effort into making sure we are in the best possible spot at the right time no expense spared. We try make the whole event and over all experience an enjoyable day. There will no doubt be an extensive amount of laughs had and a relationship that will bring you back to experience Mufasa Sportfishing again and again.

You can be assured that every day on the water you will be looked after with a great assortment of food provided during the day as well as complimentary drinks.

If you’re ready for an exciting action packed rod bending adventure sport fishing experience call Glanville today 0404 157 103 and he will run you through options and whats on the bite at the moment…

Or contact us & leave a message.