What a great day it turned out to be with Rhys and family, its always a good day when every person on the boat gets to experience a marin well tick that box!!!!

WE started off with a plan to look around for a yellowfin and try hunt a Blue in between and with strong reports of some solid Blue Marlin hanging out wide we were sure to be in for a good day. it started off early and we managed to get our first one to the boat at around 9:30am very happy we decided to push wide and hunt some tuna, all the signs were there i was marking the odd fish and plenty of bird life then we stumbled into a bod of pilot whales which appeared to be eating the yellowfin we had a pilot whale come up right near the boat with a solid chunk of what looked like tuna meat, interested i trolled around the area and did mark a shoal of tuna on the sounder but couldn’t get them to bite. we decided to push back inside and spend the afternoon 4pm tide change hunting for another marlin got into about 300m and spotted some great bird life the weather had dropped out for us and it was looking great for another bite, marked a fish and soon after spotted some bait made a couple turns and just when thought he wasn’t going to bite crack goes the short rigger and we hooked up again. We made swift work of that one and after some awesome jumps and aerial display close to the boat we persuaded him to the boat nice and green for a strong release. Moments after getting the spread out and late in the afternoon i aimed the boat back to the bait ball for one last pass before we headed for the hills, well we didn’t get there and the long corner screamed away followed by an intense aerobatic display from a Striped Marlin, we back the drag off and had a little fun with him before another healthy release, great day with everyone catching a marlin.

Some great Marlin around and it teeing off to be an awesome start to hopefully a great heavy tackle season here off the Gold Coast.