We fully gave up trolling cause it was too easy and instead took the hooks off lures and casted just to watch the crazy aerial display of giant Wahoo attacking lures, seeing 2 sometimes 3 simultaneous wahoo 4m plus in the air at the same time is a sight to behold

After the incredible success of tho trip we are looking into options with motherships etc to take Mufasa here next season for a few exclusive trips, for more information send us a message.

Well where to start to say this was an adventure would be nothing short of under estimated. I was asked to take some people on a private boat out on a trip they would never forget and after meeting the team and understanding their fishing preferences and being introduced to the boat for the mission a 65 ft Bertram, i had a game plan that would blow their shoes off!!!

We departed from the Gold Coast on the 4th September and set a course directly for Cato Reef in the Coral Sea 300nm NE of the seaway, with a very average looking forecast for the week ahead i was hoping for a miracle to turn on the fishing, well miracles are a thing!!!! We weren’t able to hang around at Cato for very long due to the lack of shelter from the anchorage so after a quick introductory to the fishing which resulted in non stop Wahoo action, adrenaline high and excitement levels peeking i assured the guys it would be just as good at Wreck, we regretfully departed in the morning and headed to Wreck reef a further 80nm NE of Cato reef. traveling at 10knts i decided to throw in 2 marlin lures way back in the wash and even in the terrible conditions we still managed to snag 2 Blue Marlin which was a nice bonus to break up the 8hr trip. We arrived at Wreck late in the arvo and i slowed down to trolling speed as we approached the reef, we barely had the lures in the water and double hookup on Wahoo that we both around the 25kg mark, couple quick pics and hurried off to find a suitable anchorage for the night, the wind was blowing a solid 30knts at this stage, not ideal conditions at all but with the size of the boat it made for fairly comfortable conditions considering. We got straight into the fishing in the morning and woooooowwww, it was going of its head. we dropped bag 2 troll lures and first pass on the point we hooked up a nice Dogtooth on the troll and commenced to cast stick baits and drop jigs whilst fighting it, wasn’t long before we had some carnage unfold we had an absolute beast of a creature crash tackle a stick bait but some how not hook up which was frustrating but managed to get a half decent fish on a jig, in-between all this we had a pack of 5-10 sailfish all over the casted stick baits and swimming around the back of the boat. Once everything calmed down to a mild panic, we decided to head wide and catch a few of these Wahoo i had been telling the boys about hahaha well i honestly dnt think we drove 50m with lures in the water and we were hooked up and whilst fighting i got the guys to cast stick baits, lets just say what followed was something out of this world every single cast we had sky rocketing giant Wahoo launching on the lures, how one of them didn’t land in the boat is beside me but it was absolutely crazy action and i dnt even want to begin to think how many fish we caught and how many lures were lost. After a few hrs of this carnage the boys needed a break so i said we would go try hunt some Yellowfin Tuna to cast at, we drove away from a crazy pack of monster Wahoo and it was only moments before i spotted a tight bunch of birds and below them it looked like bombs blowing up as the Yellowfin were smashing baitfish, i thought we were far enough away from the Wahoo so we deployed one stick bait on the troll and it immediately got mauled by a Wahoo, we knocked him over as quick as we could and dropped the lure out again and as we got closer to the birds it was erupted on by a solid Yellowfin and the other boys casted and every single person on the boat was hooked up to a Yellowfin Tuna i even jumped on the deck and dropped a jig for a laugh, lets just say it was pandemonium….. Day 1 massive success and the stories over dinner back at the anchorage were just insane the excitement of the days action was very intense and we were already looking at the thousands of dollars worth of lures we had brought thinking we never going to get through the week.

We were at Wreck for a total of 6 full days and while i could write a book on the carnage we experienced everyday which il have to keep in the memory bank for another day, id say its safe to say that these Atolls out in the Coral Sea off the East Coast of Australia are simply the best Wahoo fishing you could ever dream of experiencing anywhere in the world, it can’t possibly get any better, not only number but the size of fish too, we could have easily caught 100 Wahoo a day if that was our only target , we also caught fish up to and probably in excess of 40kg and seen some much bigger ones in the air, the average fish was around 20-25kg, i dnt think we saw many fish at all under the 20kg mark. i have absolutely no idea how many fish we would have actually caught during the trip but somewhere in the hundreds would be a conservative number, we fully gave up trolling cause it was too easy and instead took the hooks off lures and casted just to watch the crazy aerial display of giant Wahoo attacking lures, seeing 2 sometimes 3 simultaneous wahoo 4m plus in the air at the same time is a sight to behold. Not to mention the Yellowfin Tuna, when we wanted a change of scenery all we were doing was driving about a mile or so off the edge of the reef until you found a few birds and the display of frothing yellowfin beneath them was something else, i have been fortunate enough to have done several trips out to these Coral Sea atolls and never once have i been disappointed but this last trip was just incredible with the size and quantity of blue water game fish.

We decided to only spend an hr or 2 each day in the carnage that was the edge of the reef as the reality of running out of lures and tackle was all to real. We spent sometime exploring some shallower areas to try and get away from the Wahoo action and whilst the Wahoo continued to eat our jigs off we still managed to successfully catch some quality fish including some nice size Dogtooth tuna as well as GTs and a mixture of all kinds of critters. We were unfortunate with the weather which made casting against the edge of the reef really difficult in the 25-30knts which we had constantly until our last day, that being said we were very fortunate with the direction of ocean current which was hitting the lee side of the atoll which gave us a relatively calm conditions considering the howling winds we were dealing with. the last day we were blessed with nice calm conditions and we decided to pop into Fraser island on our way home where we managed to catch a quick 2 Blue Marlin before some casting around the reef which produced a nice Kingfish for something a little different. As we cruised over the shallow sandy flats we spotted a juvenile Black Marlin just cruising on the hunt for his next meal and the amount of whales cruising the shallows was a spectacular sight from up in the tower and a nice cherry on the top to an amazing trip.

All in all it was an incredible trip and looking forward to doing a few more trips next year, we are currently looking into possibly doing 3 trips next season where we will be taking Mufasa along with a larger mothership for the creature comforts while on anchor in the evenings. There will be limited space so if you are interested in experiencing some of the best Blue Water game fishing you will see anywhere in the world send us a message and we will be able to supply you with some more information.