When you look up and you surrounded by Yellowfin tuna the size of humans blowing bombs in the ocean and frothing it to shreds…..talk about getting the adrenalin pumping the anticipation of waiting for a reel to scream was intense!!!

Well yesterday is certainly a day i wont forget in a hurry…. Good forecast and with the fishing being so hot at the moment everyone was fully excited before we left the dock, great forecast and great weather to kick it off. We got the spread in and went on the hunt for the Blue Marlin as our target species, good colour water, good temp, some great current lines to hold bait…just a matter of time before i found a patch of bait or marked a fish and it would be game on. Spent much of the morning searching around, had a Blue come and half heartedly pop a lure out of the rigger but no love, on the back of that happening i heard chatter on the radio from a few boats on the wider grounds who had found some tuna. We arrived to 5 boats all stopped dead drifting tussling double hook ups on tuna, talk about excitement levels peaking haha we trolled around the area noticing the odd bird here and there but no fish, wasn’t long before we saw a few giant sickles busting the surface and the sounder light up with giant shoals of yellowfin, the fish seemed to be a little spooked and we trolled around a while with a solid tuna spread of lures for no bite. It seemed to be a life time before they got excited again, they came back to the surface in massive numbers blowing up every where frothing the ocean to shreds as they balled up bait and destroyed it on the surface, seeing giant shoals of yellowfin in the 60-100kg range is nothing short of breathtaking and it required some persistence before our short rigger popped on an absolute horse we knew it was a big one from the bite but who knew it was actually this size, we patiently tussled it on a 130lb gear for the better part of 45min before the fish showed itself on the leader a further 15mins just under the boat and we had it along side and on the deck for some pictures. A fish of a lifetime indeed something to remember, the whole experience and being blessed with a larger fish like that was truly amazing. To say I’m excited to get back out there and experience that again is a massive understatement!!!

The fish are around at the moment in big numbers guys if this is a dream fish for you now is the time, dnt miss out they dnt usually hang around too long but the water looks consistent at the moment so give us a call and get onto it!!!! Trust me you wont regret it.

Tight lines